Can a Baby Sleep in a Stroller Overnight?

Can a Baby Sleep in a Stroller Overnight?

As a parent, making sure your baby is safe at all times whilst travelling can be challenging. Babies need a lot of sleep - and whilst strollers may be safe for a nap during the day, are they safe to sleep in overnight?

You may also be wondering if you can substitute a travel cot for your stroller, so let's find out. In today's blog post, we will take a look into whether babies are safe to sleep in a pram overnight, and how you can make it more comfortable for them if sleeping in a stroller for a night is your only option.


Is It Safe?

Considering your baby's safety is your main priority. Before you allow them to sleep in a pram overnight, you will want to know all of the precautions you should take to make sure it is safe.

Although most strollers are designed to have the most comfort and convenience, they are not typically safe to sleep in overnight.

Stroller naps should be limited to two hours, and if your baby falls asleep in their stroller, you should move them to somewhere more safe and comfortable as soon as you can.

If you can't move them somewhere else, make sure they are flat on their back and there is nothing in the pram that is a choking hazard. Also, ensure that the brakes are engaged no matter where you are.


Why Consider Keeping Your Baby in a Stroller for Sleep

Let’s consider you’re staying at a nearby hotel to catch an early flight and the room doesn't contain a cot.

Or if you have a colicky baby, they may find sleeping in a stroller more comforting, as the rocking motion of pushing the pram can mimic the motion of a parent rocking them, giving your baby have a more peaceful sleep.

Or you may be staying at a friend's and you don't have a travel cot. Or maybe you don't travel very often and are wondering if it is the same to just use the stroller, rather than investing in a travel cot that you may not use much.

Either way, the baby is a lot safer in their stroller than they would be in bed with their parents. Co-sleeping with your baby can be very dangerous and not advised by health professionals.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has reported an increased risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) when infants sleep in the same bed as their parents.

​​There is a risk of suffocation from soft bedding, pillows, or if a parent rolls over onto the baby during sleep. Young children are especially vulnerable because they cannot move away from potential hazards.

Your baby could fall out of bed - adult beds are a lot higher than infant ones, and they also are unlikely to have barriers, putting your child at a higher risk of injury.


What is SIDS?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the sudden and unexplained death of an otherwise healthy infant, usually during sleep, and typically occurring in babies under one year of age.

Sudden infant death syndrome, is something that many parents aren't aware of, it is rare and affects around 200 babies in the UK each year.

Whilst the statistics for SIDS may seem alarming, you shouldn't worry as this condition is very rare.

However, it is still important to understand what you can be doing to make this condition even more preventable, as the cause of SIDS is left unknown.


Practicing Safe Sleep

You should always place your baby on their back to sleep, babies who sleep on their front or side are at higher risk of unexplainable SIDS death.

The use of soft mattresses, pillows, and heavy blankets can pose suffocation hazards. Make sure you have a firm mattress, with a fitted sheet and a breathable sleep suit. Avoid keeping teddies and toys in the crib whilst your baby sleeps.

Make sure your baby's clothing will keep them at a comfortable temperature to avoid overheating during the night.

SIDS is a heartbreaking condition and although it is very rare it is definitely something you should be aware of.


What Features Does a Stroller Need to Be Comfortable for Sleep

If you need to let your baby sleep in a stroller there are no other options, then you should look out for some of these key safety features to ensure a safe and comfortable night's sleep.


Does the Stroller Lay Completely Flat?

Making sure that your stroller can recline fully flat is essential. If the stroller doesn't lie completely flat, you may want to reconsider allowing your baby to sleep in it overnight.


Has It Got a Safety Harness?

Most strollers come with safety harnesses - so make sure your baby is strapped securely into their stroller so that they don't move down or end up in an uncomfortable position.

If your baby is not strapped into their pram, they are at higher risk of rolling into the walls of the pram, leading it to tip over or increasing the risk of suffocation.



Is your stroller soft and comfortable enough to sleep in overnight, consider adding extra padding to the stroller. For example, a comfortable stroller cushion.


What to Add to Your Stroller to Keep It Comfortable

To make sure the stroller is as comfortable as possible, you should add some accessories - for example, an adjustable canopy. This can shield your baby from bright lights and create a better sleeping environment.

Use lightweight, breathable blankets to keep your baby warm without the risk of overheating. Make sure they are securely tucked in to avoid any loose fabric that could cover your baby's face.


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