Lightweight Strollers

As every parent knows, finding the perfect pram to incorporate into your travel system makes a huge difference in your daily life when travelling around with children.

Explore our collection of lightweight strollers here at The Lejoux Stroller. Browse our extensive selection of colours and look at the features of our popular lightweight strollers.

Our lightweight strollers are super convenient - they will make it much easier to travel in busy places and make long journeys as seamless as possible.

All of our travel systems have 2 second-folding mechanisms, sturdy frames, and high-quality wheels and have been designed with comfort in mind. Check out our collection today!


Why Is Choosing the Right Stroller Important?

Having the right stroller is essential for not only your baby but for you too! When choosing a stroller you should make sure that it has all of the up-to-date safety features.

63% of new parents prioritise pram safety features when choosing a stroller. If this is the case for you, you’re in the right place - some features you can expect from our lightweight strollers include:

  • 5 point harness
  • One hand folding
  • Safety bar
  • 360-degree swivel wheels
  • One-button foot brake

You should also look at the Trustpilot reviews of strollers before you buy to find out the opinions of other parents. This can give a solid indication of the quality, comfort and features of the stroller.


The Benefits of a Lightweight Stroller

There are countless benefits to lightweight strollers and why you may need one in your daily travel system, from comfort to convenience.



Lightweight strollers are far easier to manoeuvre, especially in busy environments, or journeys with sharp turns.

Their lightweight frame allows for a smoother journey that also offers maximum safety. Although lightweight, our frames are extremely sturdy - made from aircraft-grade aluminium so you can have peace of mind that your child is safe.



Lightweight prams are convenient for travelling as not only are our prams lightweight, but they also fold down to a compact size of just 70 x 39 x 60cm.

Your stroller will be able to slide perfectly into the corner of your car boot, hide away in a cupboard when not in use and also travel on an aeroplane with you all the way in the overhead compartment (depending on the airline, of course)!



Comfort is key here at The Lejoux Stroller, which is why all of our prams have padded and vented seats. Our prams allow for a comfortable ride, with plenty of airflow during journeys.

We pride ourselves on the comfort features of our strollers. For example, the adjustable backrest - which gives your baby the option to view the world around them during their adventures, but also lie down flat and nap when they get tired.

Our adjustable footrest keeps the blood circulating on long journeys. Your baby can have their legs dangling, or out to rest. After all, comfort is key, whether it’s a short trip to the shops or a longer journey.


Why Choose One of Our Lightweight Strollers?

Your stroller will accompany you and your child on all kinds of journeys, which is why a lightweight stroller is the perfect solution.

Say goodbye to difficult manoeuvring with bulky and unnecessarily heavy strollers, and hello to smoother journeys with a lightweight stroller.

Our collection features 7 colours to choose from with each stroller weighing just 8kg! Choose from:

  • Black Stroller
  • Beige Stroller
  • Blue Stroller
  • Green Stroller
  • Grey Stroller
  • Pink Stroller
  • Red Stroller

Our strollers at Lejoux have been specially designed to take away any hassles that travelling with children can bring.

During times when your baby can't be in their pram (like at an airport), trying to fold your pram down with a curious toddler who may wander off can become stressful! That is why all of our prams have a one-hand 2-second folding mechanism.

You can still keep an eye on your child whilst you quickly fold down their pram. Our Lejoux Go Baby Stroller has an extendable trolley handle, so you can drag your pram around when not in use.


Lightweight Strollers at The Lejoux Stroller

Whether you travel around a lot in busy urban areas, have a holiday abroad planned or are simply just tired of heavy and bulky prams, we have the perfect stroller for you.

Our lightweight strollers make travelling super simple and come in a wide range of colours - what's not to love?!

At The Lejoux Stroller, we pride ourselves on the convenience we bring to parents, with our modern designs and high-quality materials all for an affordable price. We have an extensive selection of pram accessories too, so you can upgrade your travel system even further.

If you have any questions or are struggling to decide on which pram is best suited to you, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and one of our experts will be happy to help you!



How Much Do Lightweight Strollers Cost?

At Lejoux we strive to give our customers the very best value for money, our strollers range from £139 to £199.


What Is the Weight Limit for a Lightweight Stroller?

Our strollers at Lejoux can hold up to 15kg in weight! This is equivalent to 33 lbs. Remember to always make sure that you aren't exceeding the pram's weight limit with any extra weight such as bags and buggy boards.


What Age Can My Baby Use a Lightweight Stroller?

It is recommended that babies don't start using a stroller until they reach the age of 6 months, or when they are able to support their head and neck by themselves.


Do I Have to Pay to Take My Stroller on the Plane?

Most airlines allow up to two of the following baby items on board for free: a travel cot, pushchair, car seat, collapsible or non-collapsible pram, booster seat and/or baby back carrier.

However, it is important to check with your specific airline before travelling and find out the details of how you can get your items checked in and ready to fly.