A Guide to Choosing a Pram for Twins

A Guide to Choosing a Pram for Twins

When you are expecting twins, one of the necessities that is needed is a reliable pram that promises comfort and security for your little ones during outings.

As you make your way through crowded city centres or enjoy the tranquillity of park strolls, the right twin transportation system transforms into an essential mobile hub, addressing both your babies' needs as well as storage for parenting essentials.

In the diverse world of twin pushchairs, options abound from tandem prams that align babies in single file to sporty double prams fit for your outdoor adventures, right down to compact twin buggies engineered for snug city spaces.

Aesthetics aside, functionality ranks high with features like adjustable handles for your comfort, lockable swivel wheels for smooth manoeuvrability, and one-hand fold mechanisms greatly simplifying twin parenting.

Amidst the range of models, Lejoux Stroller stands out with double strollers that cater to varied lifestyles, ensuring you discover a twin stroller or double buggy that encapsulates both visual charm and practicality.

An indispensable aspect to consider is the compatibility with travel systems for twins, ensuring effortless transition between car and pram.

In addition, the level of support and comfort provided to your newborns, alongside the storage capacity to adequately handle the necessities of two, should be pivotal in guiding your decision.


How To Choose A Pram For Twins

Embarking on the double joy of twin parenthood necessitates the selection of a reliable twin pram that seamlessly blends functionality with convenience.

As you compare tandem pushchairs and side-by-side prams, consider their unique attributes in relation to your daily routine and lifestyle. Tandem pushchairs, with their in-line seats, boast a slimmer profile perfect for squeezing through narrow doorways and bustling pedestrian traffic.

Conversely, side-by-side prams afford both your little ones an unobstructed view of the world, fostering equal interaction with their environment.

Investing in a double buggy that caters to the comfort and safety of your newborns from the get-go is a wise choice - ideally, one that reclines to a flat position or allows for the attachment of two car seats.

When scrutinising the options for a double stroller, it's not solely about getting from A to B; it's about choosing a design that grows with your family, offering adjustable seats and a one-hand fold mechanism for smooth adaptation to your babies' changing needs.

Our collection addresses these considerations head-on with a variety of double pushchair designs. Acclaimed for their practical features and the freedom they afford, these pushchairs aim to make your outings with twins less of a logistical challenge and more of an enjoyable escapade.

Picking out the perfect twin pram from our range is less about compromise and more about embracing the adventure of life with your precious duo.


Things To Consider With A Double Pushchair

When you're in the market for a double pushchair, it's important to scrutinise various aspects to ensure that your choice not only meets your expectations but also simplifies your life with little ones.

Whether you're manoeuvring through crowded pavements or embarking on tranquil walks in the park, finding a pushchair that balances functionality with ease of use is key to a hassle-free experience with your twins or young children.


Style and Size

Considering the style and size of a twin pushchair is fundamental. If you prefer a pram for two that easily navigates through narrow doorways, a compact twin pushchair might be the right choice for you.

The size of the pushchair impacts how it fits into your car boot or storage area at home, so opt for a design that complements your living and travel space.



Comfort should be paramount when selecting a double pushchair. Look for models that offer sufficient padding, adjustable seating positions, and protection from the elements to ensure your children stay cosy during outings.

An adjustable handle can also provide you with the ergonomic support needed for lengthy strolls.



The practicality of a double pushchair can be a deciding factor for parents who value convenience. A model with a large basket can carry all your essentials, reducing the need to carry additional bags.

Furthermore, a lightweight double buggy may appeal to you if you'll be lifting the pushchair in and out of the vehicle regularly.



Lastly, reflect on how you'll use the double pushchair. Whether you're after a durable travel system that's compatible with car seats or require a nimble twin pushchair for urban use, the frequency and type of usage should guide your decision.

Investing in a versatile and resilient pushchair will adapt to your changing needs as your children grow.


Explore Double Prams at The Lejoux Stroller

Embarking on the journey of parenting twins can be as challenging as it is rewarding, and finding the right twin pram is crucial for your peace of mind.

At Lejoux Stroller, we understand that your strolling needs are as unique as your little ones. That's why our range of twin prams is designed with an eye for detail, ensuring that every outing is a breeze.

Whether you're in need of a sturdy side-by-side pram for those leisurely strolls in the park, or an agile tandem pushchair that cuts through busy urban crowds with ease, we've got you covered.

Explore our twin clip connectors to combine your Lejoux pushchairs with ease. The double prams in our range prioritise the all-essential factors of convenience, comfort, and durability. With features like reversible seat liners and individually adjustable settings, you can customise each journey to fit your twins' needs.

Additionally, our twin strollers are designed to integrate seamlessly with travel system configurations, offering you the flexibility required for the various stages of your children's growth. We invite you to explore the functional elegance of our twin strollers.

From the lightweight and compact frames to capacious baskets for all your twins' needs, our double prams are the perfect allies in your parenting adventure. Let us help you navigate your dual duties with a twin pushchair that reflects the joy and spontaneity of life with twins.

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