How to Fit a Rain Cover to a Stroller

How to Fit a Rain Cover to a Stroller

Rain covers are extremely handy and are considered an important and essential accessory for your stroller. Whether you are just nipping out briefly, or are on for the entire day, rainfall can happen at any time. When you have a baby in tow, you need to be more prepared for the changes in weather than before you become a parent.

Temperature and weather changes can affect your baby way more than it affects adults. Therefore you should have everything you need with you to be able to tackle the elements when out and about with your little one.

In this blog post, we will be talking about rain covers for strollers, why they are so great, the benefits of them, along with how to fit a rain cover to your stroller. With all this information, you will be well informed and equipped for whatever the weather may throw at you.


What Is a Rain Cover?

A rain cover for a stroller is a flexible, breathable, see-through plastic cover that fits over and around the whole stroller. It is designed to keep the rain from little ones whilst they are riding around in their stroller, stopping them from getting wet.

It allows parents to continue on their travels and adventures as a family without getting stopped by the rain or worrying about their baby becoming too wet.


Why You Need a Rain Cover for Your Stroller

A rain cover is considered an essential accessory for your stroller. With unpredictable rain showers capable of falling anytime in the UK, you might be in a position where shelter is nowhere to be seen, so you cannot run for cover.

You could be walking in the park or somewhere equally as open, being prepared can prevent a little one from becoming extremely uncomfortable and shedding a few tears.

Even if you happen to be near shelter or shops, you do not want a little bit of rain stopping you in your tracks and disrupting your day.

Failing to own a rain cover for your stroller and your baby can become soaking wet. Babies are far more sensitive to the weather and changes in temperature than adults. You need to make sure their temperature needs are met and this includes having a rain cover for them when the weather gets bad.


The Benefits of a Rain Cover for a Stroller

You can find all the information about the benefits of a rain cover for strollers here. A fairly simple accessory makes for a useful item in many ways.


Protects From All the Elements

A rain cover not only protects your little one from the rain, but it can also protect them from the wind too. The wind makes it feel several degrees cooler in temperature, so having a rain cover for stopping the wind is equally as useful. It does this by blocking and reducing airflow, which, therefore, dramatically helps reduce the temperature decrease.

Your rain cover can add another layer of warmth to your child, keeping them lovely and cosy in their stroller at all times.



Keep your little one dry and content whilst also giving them the ventilation that they need, to breathe of course but to not get too hot inside their rain cover.


Travel Without Worry

You can spontaneously go anywhere with your baby and stroller rain cover on hand in case of an impulsive rain shower. Unpredictable weather conditions should not affect your day.

Travel whenever and wherever you like with your family, without having to worry about the weather changes, you will be prepared for all weather.


Carry Around With Ease

Stroller rain covers are lightweight and can be folded down to a conveniently small size, perfect for storing and using in times of need. The weight and small size of a stroller rain cover will mean that it will never be a hindrance to travel with.


You Can Still Explore

Not only does a rain cover protect your little one from the elements, meaning you can carry on with your day, but the see-through cover means your little one can still see out and take in their surroundings whilst you are out and about.

The world is a very exciting place when you are tiny and everything is new. A rain cover allows them to carry on viewing the world around them, no matter what the weather is doing.


How to Fit a Rain Cover to a Stroller

Fitting a rain cover to your stroller is a quick and easy job. It is designed to be taken out and fitted when it rains, so it is no coincidence that it is a quick and simple job. All you have to do to fit your rain cover to your stroller is:

  1. Take out your stroller from wherever it is stored. This is usually in a bag or underneath your stroller in your stroller’s storage compartment.
  2. Roll it out and make sure the ventilation system is open and flowing.
  3. Pull over your stroller so that the stroller and child are completely covered and attach any fastenings if you have them.
  4. That's it! Continue with your adventures.


Other Weather-Related Stroller Accessories

If you are keen on keeping your baby happy then you should maintain their optimum temperature. They should be neither too hot nor too cold. To do this you should check out some of the other stroller accessories that you can buy that helps to keep your baby happy and undisturbed by the weather conditions when outside.


Foot Muff

Foot Muff Cozytoes is the perfect solution to chilly toes. A foot muff is like a sleeping bag for your little one in their stroller. It helps to take the edge off from cold temperatures and the wind whilst helping to keep their socks on if your infant is prone to kicking them off!


Umbrella for Stroller

An Umbrella for Stroller is perfect for protecting your baby from harmful and harsh UV rays. Your stroller’s canopy may not be enough to shield your little one from the sun. This is why a UV-protected flexible umbrella is great as you have more control as to where you create that much-needed shelter, shade and sun shield.


Winter Cover

Take it that one step further with a Winter Cover for your stroller. Similarly to the rain cover, the winter cover provides more installation for your baby or child. It features a quilted padded grey material attached over the whole of your stroller like a big blanket cover.

Invest in a winter cover if you are worried about cold winter nights or when going on holiday to cold climates.


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