Is it Worth Getting a Tandem Buggy?

Is it Worth Getting a Tandem Buggy?

Finding the right baby gear can be overwhelming. With so many choices out there, it can be tough to determine the right option.

It can be even more difficult if you have multiple children. Some people opt for double strollers, but many prefer a tandem buggy.

But is a tandem buggy worth it? That’s what we’ll be exploring in this blog post. Read on to learn more about tandem buggies, including the benefits and potential drawbacks.

One common dilemma parents often face is whether investing in a tandem buggy is worth it. Tandem buggies are designed for two children and offer a practical solution for families with more than one child.

In this blog, we'll be exploring the various aspects of tandem buggies, helping you determine whether they are a good choice for your family.


Space and Versatility

Tandem buggies are known for their space-saving design, making them an excellent choice for parents with infants and toddlers.

Unlike side-by-side double prams, a tandem pushchair has a single-file configuration, allowing it to fit through doorways and navigate crowded spaces easily.

This compact design ensures that parents will avoid the common struggle of trying to fit a wide buggy through narrow spaces, such as shop aisles or door frames.

Additionally, tandem buggies often come with adjustable seating options, providing versatility for different age groups.

This means that you can use the buggy for an extended period as their children grow, making it a cost-effective and practical choice for long-term use.



One of the key considerations when choosing a buggy is manoeuvrability. Tandem buggies are typically designed with a long wheelbase, which allows for more stability and control.

The design allows for smoother turns and easier navigation, which is especially helpful in busy urban settings. Many parents find that tandem buggies provide a more manageable and responsive pushing experience compared to wider twin pushchairs.

Moreover, the majority of tandem buggies are equipped with features such as swivelling front wheels and efficient suspension systems, further improving their manoeuvrability.

This is especially beneficial when facing bumpy sidewalks or park paths, ensuring a comfortable ride for both the parent and the children.


Age and Stage Considerations

Tandem buggies are a great choice for families with children of different ages or stages of development. They often feature a combination of a traditional seat and a standing platform or a dedicated space for an additional car seat or carrycot.

This flexibility allows parents to comfortably accommodate an older child who prefers to stand or sit up in the pram, alongside a younger sibling.

For parents with an infant and a toddler, tandem buggies provide a practical solution, allowing the toddler to sit in the front seat while the baby lies down or reclines in the rear seat.

As the children grow, the older one can transition to the standing platform or use the rear seat, adapting to the changing needs of the family.


Storage Option

When venturing out with multiple children, sufficient storage space is a must. Tandem buggies are often designed with spacious storage baskets beneath the seats, providing room for essentials such as toys, diaper bags and snacks.

Some models also feature additional storage pockets or compartments for easy access to smaller items.

The advantage of having designated storage space on the buggy is that parents can keep their hands free, focusing on pushing the buggy and attending to their children's needs without the added burden of carrying bags.

This convenience can make outings more enjoyable and stress-free for parents, contributing to the overall positive experience of using this buggy.


Fits into Daily Activities

For families with an active lifestyle, tandem buggies seamlessly integrate into various daily activities.

Whether it's a trip to your store, a visit to the park, or a family day out, tandem pushchairs accommodate the needs of both children, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Its adaptability makes it suitable for public transport as well, with many models designed to fit comfortably on buses and trains.

This convenience is especially valuable for families relying on public transportation, providing a hassle-free way to navigate the city or travel with ease. Tandem strollers can also be used as car seats for your little ones.


Potential Drawbacks

While tandem buggies offer numerous benefits, it's essential to consider potential drawbacks before making a purchase decision.

The length of the buggy may pose challenges in smaller spaces, and some models may be heavier than their single or double counterparts.

Manoeuvring through tight spaces or lifting the buggy in and out of car boots may require additional effort.

Additionally, the seating arrangement can influence the children's interaction with each other. Some tandem buggies position the rear seat slightly lower, potentially limiting the visibility and engagement between siblings.

It's crucial to evaluate these factors based on your lifestyle and preferences to determine if they align with your family's needs.


Double Pushchairs at The Lejoux Stroller

In the search for the perfect buggy, the decision to invest in a tandem model ultimately depends on your family's unique circumstances and requirements.

Consider the age gap between your children, your daily activities, and the places you frequently visit.

Tandem buggies, with their space-saving design, versatility, and manoeuvrability, are undoubtedly a practical choice for many families.

As you weigh the pros and cons, keep in mind that the right buggy can significantly enhance your overall parenting experience.

A well-chosen tandem buggy can provide the convenience, comfort, and adaptability needed to make outings with multiple children a breeze. So, is it worth getting a tandem buggy? For many families, the answer is a resounding yes.

Here at The Lejoux Stroller, we offer a range of accessories, pushchairs, single and double strollers, and twin prams for your growing family. Whether you are expecting twins or are simply looking for a new stroller for your newborns, we have everything you need in one place.

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