What Is A Buggy Board?

What Is A Buggy Board?

There are many different ways you can alter your stroller and make it your own. With plenty of stroller accessories on the market to tailor your travel device to make it the best stroller for your family, it is no wonder that stroller accessories are popular.

A buggy board is a great addition to your stroller, whether you have another small child as well as a baby, or if your little one has just begun to walk. A buggy board can come in handy for many occasions and can be a fun way for young children to travel around.

But what exactly is a buggy board? You can read this whole article to gain insight into what a buggy board is, what age is appropriate for children to use one and where you can purchase your buggy board for your stroller. For all this, plus more, keep reading.


What Is a Buggy Board?

A buggy board is an attachable platform that can be attached to a buggy pushchair or stroller. It is mounted onto the frame of your stroller and is designed for a child to stand on.

A young child can choose to stand on it at any time, practically when they begin to get tired from walking. This is ideal if your little one has just begun to walk but gets tired easily - or if you have more than one baby or toddler. You can simply cart around your baby seated in your stroller, whilst their older sibling hitches a ride on the buggy board at the back. 

A buggy board is a great way of travelling when you're out and about as a family. It can be a good way to get around when you don’t have time for little one’s footsteps and need to get a move on from time to time. It is also an enjoyable experience for little ones.

Buggy boards are sold separately from a stroller, as an additional stroller accessory. This is because not everyone will need one, as you will not make use of one if you have one baby and if they are under the age of 2.

Thanks to a buggy board and stroller, up to two children can travel comfortably and safely whilst on family outings.


What Age Is a Buggy Board Suitable For?

A buggy board is suitable and recommended for children between the ages of two and five years old, depending on where they are in their development.

Your child must be able to confidently stand upright without toddling over, and be capable of holding on tight whilst they travel on stood on their buggy board. They are safe for children and as a parent, you will be right behind them pushing the stroller, so the support will be there if they ever need it.


How to Use a Buggy Board?

A buggy board is clipped at the back of your stroller. It is a platform that easily attaches to the back of the stroller.

When in use and with a child on board, they will be positioned in between the arms of whoever is pushing your stroller. This ensures that your child riding on the buggy board is extra safe. They will be able to hold on to the handlebar too to keep them on the board.

A buggy board has its own set of wheels, so once attached, it can easily glide along effortlessly with your stroller.


Where Can I Buy a Buggy Board?

A buggy board is sold separately from your stroller as an additional stroller accessory. They are made as an additional purchase for strollers because as mentioned, not every family will need one or make use of one straight away.

A buggy board will attach to most stroller models. You should check out our stroller buggy board from Lejoux today.


The Lejoux Stroller Buggy Board

The Lejoux Stroller has a range of accessories, including our excellent buggy board for strollers. The Lejoux Stroller buggy board features a non-slip platform grip, for those wet days to avoid any little ones from slipping.

Unlike other buggy boards, the one from Lejoux has a comfortable and removable seat, ideal for when a little one gets tired but their sibling is using the main buggy seat.

You can also alter the length of the buggy board from the stroller, to tailor it to your strides, so you don’t limit the comfortability of your pushing experience. It also comes with a 25kg in weight capacity.


The Benefits of Buying a Buggy Board

There are many reasons why parents would choose and benefit from buying a buggy board.


Great Solution for Two Children

If you have two children with one being between the ages of 2 and 5 years old, and one is a baby under 2, then a buggy board is a great way to travel as a family with minimum stress.

The older child has a platform to sit or stand if they do not always wish to, or can walk independently but is too old for a double stroller.



A buggy board is practical, it can get you from A to B easily and you navigate through busy crowds easily with the help of a buggy board. It is a lightweight and practical addition to your stroller, with minimum hassle. They also do not take up much space when you are travelling with your stroller.



A buggy board could be considered a safer way for your toddler to travel. This is because they will be safe between your arms and securely stood or seated on their board. Buggy boards offer a much more secure way of getting around, as opposed to a little, curious toddler wandering around.


Seated Option

Choose a buggy board that comes with a detachable seat, such as the one from Lejoux. This is perfect if you are not confident that your little one can remain comfortably stood up whilst you travel.

A seat is a good option for smaller children who would be more comfortable sitting than standing, due to their young age. Having a removable seat option gives you that leeway to remove it as you get older and more capable of standing for long periods.


The Lejoux Stroller

The Lejoux Stroller is proud to produce quality, durable, lightweight and versatile strollers, fit for any real-life situation. All of our strollers at Lejoux are travel friendly. They can be folded down completely compact, allowing them to fit into the smallest spaces such as small car boots, overhead lockers on aeroplanes, or even to be stored in a cupboard in your home out of the way.

Our strollers at Lejoux come in seven attractive, stylish and eye-catching colours, choose from blue, grey, beige, black, pink, red or green. There is a stroller for everyone at Lejoux, to match any style or preference.

What comes with a great stroller is its great accessories too, including our buggy board as mentioned above. Please don’t forget to check out our whole range of stroller accessories from Lejoux, to add to your stroller and meet your family’s needs.

Some of the stroller accessories from The Lejoux Stroller include, rain covers for those unexpected rain showers, cup holders for you when on the move, various travel bags and storage bags, all your essentials at hand whenever you need them, bag clips for your shopping and easy carrying, plus lots more to discover.

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