A Guide to Getting Through Gate Check with a Stroller

A Guide to Getting Through Gate Check with a Stroller

If you intend on flying with your baby or toddler, you are going to need a travel device to bring on holiday with you. This is one of the most convenient ways to cart your little one around, both in the airport and when you arrive at your holiday destination.

Having a stroller that is suitable to be gate-checked can bring you lots of conveniences. It can also limit the chance of your stroller being accidentally damaged and thrown around, as well as being stored alongside lots of heavy suitcases. This ensures that your stroller can be safely returned.

We have broken down the things that you should make sure you do when flying and how to ensure your stroller is suitable for gate check, so read on to find out more.


Introduction to Strollers

Strollers are great devices to have for your baby or toddler. What is great about single and double strollers is that they are perfect and specifically designed for travelling. They are extremely good at folding down to a small size.

Whether you're travelling by car, bus, train, or even plane, a stroller has you covered. They are extremely good at folding down to a small size. Here are some some features of a stroller:

  • Upright Seating Position: Strollers feature an upright seating position suitable for older babies and toddlers who can sit unassisted, promoting interaction with the environment during outings.
  • Safety Harnesses: Equipped with safety harnesses or straps to secure the child in place, ensuring their safety and providing peace of mind for parents.
  • Compact, Foldable Design: Strollers have a compact and foldable design, making them easy to store, transport, and take on-the-go, ideal for busy parents juggling multiple responsibilities
  • Versatility: Available in various styles and configurations, including single, double, and travel systems, strollers cater to diverse family needs and preferences, offering versatility for different situations and terrains.


How to Get a Stroller Through Gate Check in an Airport

There are several things you must do and ensure before you attempt to travel by aeroplane with a stroller in tow.

Here we will outline some of the main things to double-check and make sure you have done before you fly. Be prepared and plan for the day you fly; this will help you avoid any stress near the time and make sure you leave plenty of time to get things right.


Having the Right Device

Before we go any further into the list of things to help you get through the gate check with a stroller, first of all, you must have the right device for the trip.

To be able to board an aeroplane in the first place, your travel device must be able to fold. This is an absolute essential, as without the ability to fold your device, there is simply no way of getting it onto an aircraft, including underneath the plane where the suitcases go.

Having the perfect device fit for travel will also benefit you. A lightweight, easily foldable, durable, water-resistant fabric will enable you to have a stress-free trip. A lightweight model makes things easy, enabling you to take it anywhere with you, wherever your adventures may be.

Being in a setting that you are not familiar with means you will not know what terrain or conditions you will encounter. Having a stroller that can be carried easily, and folded to a compact size will help you out - so make sure you can feel these benefits with the right model.


Always Check Your Airline’s Guidelines

Each airline will have similar, but slightly different rules when it comes to strollers on aeroplanes and luggage allowance. This includes the size and weight of luggage you are allowed to take on board with you as hand luggage.

You must check with the airline you are flying with for instructions and regulations on what is accepted when you fly.


What Size Is Your Stroller?

The next thing you need to be sure of is what size your stroller is. According to your airline's regulations, will it have to be checked in as luggage at check-in? Or, is your stroller compact enough that you can bring it on board the plane with you?

Being prepared for this can help you manage expectations when you get to the airport. It will stop you from packing too much in your stroller's storage compartment if you know it has to

be checked in.

Knowing your stroller can come with you means you can rest easy knowing you can use your stroller to cart your little one around the airport. To do this make sure your device is small enough and has the right dimensions to qualify to be taken on board the plane with you.


Gate Check Stroller Bag

The next thing you will want to do is check your accessories. A stroller cover bag is the perfect travel bag for parents and a fantastic accessory for travelling by plane.

A protective cover bag will help to keep your stroller safe from dirt and marks that could occur. Your stroller can pick up dirt from either being stored underneath the plane or when kept in the overhead lockers inside the aircraft too.


What to do You Have to Check In Your Stroller

If you have to check in your stroller, then do not worry. You can still use it to transport your child through the airport and security. Your stroller will have to be scanned at security through the X-ray machines.

Once you arrive at your gate, let the gate attendant know that your stroller is to be gate-checked, and someone will come to take your stroller from you. If you are using a stroller cover bag, now is the time to fold down your stroller and cover it with your protective stroller travel bag.

Someone will come to collect your stroller and attach a tag to it, so you can quickly identify your stroller when you come to collect it when you arrive at your destination.

Please note that on occasion, even if your stroller is small enough to be brought on your flight as cabin luggage, it can be taken from you to be stored underneath the plane. This happens when there's too much onboard luggage for the overhead lockers to store, and so for safety purposes, your stroller will be collected from you.


Purchasing the Right Stroller for Air Travel

If you are in the market for a stroller, why not think of all the practicalities of having one, what you want it to provide for you and just where you will be taking it?

Planning on going abroad as a family with your baby or toddler, opt for a stroller that is suitable to take on board a flight. You will feel the benefit of having a stroller that you can use around the airport without having to check it in at the check-in gates.

This will allow you time and freedom to shop around duty-free, take your time around the airport, and navigate your way through busy crowds and long walks if the airport you are travelling from is large.

Your little one can rest comfortably and even have a little snooze if they need to. It stops you from having to carry them when they get tired or when you need to rush through crowds of people to board your flight. It also gives you free hands to be able to carry all of your hand luggage too.

Without having this luxury of a stroller that can be taken on board a plane with you can cause you some hassle that could be avoided. Choosing the right stroller model is therefore essential for getting your airport experience right.


The Lejoux Travel Stroller

The Lejoux Foldable Travel Stroller has so many benefits. The big benefit of Lejoux strollers is their amazing ability to fold down to an extremely small size and be eligible to fit in the overhead cabin on most airlines. With dimensions of just 53cm x 42cm x 20cm when in its folded-down position, it is no wonder that this stroller is a popular choice for many parents.

This convenient foldability factor of Lejoux strollers not only makes them the perfect flying companion for your family holidays, but it also makes them extremely useful and easy to fit into any kind of transport, even very small cars and their limited boot space.

The strollers from The Lejoux Stroller are also lightweight, so lift them onto a train or bus with complete ease and store them in homes in a cupboard out of the way or when there is limited storage space.

Strollers from Lejoux are also extremely stylish. They do not compromise on style or quality, they are extremely luxurious looking and feeling, with aircraft-grade aluminium hardware and brown leather accent detailing.

You will not believe that you get all of this with Lejoux at an affordable price. At Lejoux, we believe that quality should not have to come at an extortionate price for parents, so we like to make our stroller accessible for all.

This is something that we are proud to serve, and it gives us great job satisfaction to be able to do it.

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