Can Buggy Boards Damage Your Stroller?

Can Buggy Boards Damage Your Stroller?

Buggy boards are great whilst out and about with children, as your toddler can explore the world around them as they begin to walk around more - whilst also having a space to rest when their legs begin to feel tired!

But do they damage your stroller? This is a commonly asked question amongst many parents, as we all want to make sure our strollers remain the same quality as it was when first purchased.

So in today's blog post, we will take a look into the common problems buggy boards can create for your stroller, and how to prevent them.


The Purpose of a Buggy Board

A buggy board is usually for parents with two children, one older and one younger. The youngest will stay in the pram whilst the older child will have the freedom to walk around and use the buggy board when they are tired.

As toddlers begin to walk, they also begin to not want to spend the whole journey in their pram, making it difficult for parents to get them to use their pram.

A buggy board will allow your child to feel more independent and grown up - it's like they have levelled up from a pram to a buggy board now that they are able to walk around more independently.

Children are curious about the world around them as they start to learn, see and explore. If you are taking a stroll through the park or walking around somewhere new, your toddler is likely to want to touch and see different things.

The purpose of the buggy board is to give your child the option to walk whilst also having a place to stand or sit if they get tired or if places get busier.


How Are Buggy Boards Attached to Strollers?

Buggy boards are easily attached by connectors. These connectors clip onto your pram and attach the board to the frame.

These clips are easy to attach and remove, making them convenient and good for travel as you can take them on and off quickly when needed.


How Can Buggy Boards Damage Your Stroller

Over time, the buggy board can weigh down your stroller, causing strain to the stroller frame.

Strollers have a weight limit. Attaching a buggy board, although lightweight, can exceed your pram weight limit when you add your child to the buggy board - weighing the pram down. This can cause a few problems for your stroller, such as:


Frame Damage

The frame of your stroller can become bent as the buggy board weighs it down. This can make your pram unstable and potentially unsafe for use.


Wheel Damage

If the pram is too heavy, this can make it harder to push, causing the wheels to wear down a lot faster and need to be replaced.

If the wheels aren't replaced, they may misalign, making the pram difficult to push. This can also damage the suspension system, making for a very bumpy and uncomfortable ride, as the wheels won't absorb shock as well.

Overloading can also cause damage to the wheels as you will need to put a lot more effort into turning corners, and this will put a lot of strain on the wheels.



If you exceed the weight limit, this can cause the pram to collapse or tip over, injuring your child.

Always refer to the user manual of your pram to see the weight limit before you start using your buggy board.


Pros and Cons of Buggy Boards

Buggy boards are a great addition to your travels and can make travelling with your children a lot easier, but what are the pros and cons? Let's take a look:




When travelling with two children, a buggy board is a great alternative to taking two prams with you.

Buggy board connectors are also easily attached and quick to remove, so there isn't a hassle of trying to attach them before you go out.

Enjoyable for Children

Your child will find outdoor outings more fun as they can explore further on your travels, as they aren't strapped into the pram.


Most buggy board connectors are universal, so they fit onto most prams and you won't have to purchase a different pram.



Less Space

The buggy board may limit space when you are trying to push the pram, making it difficult to manoeuvre in busy places. This can lead to awkward walking positions.

Potential for Damage

As spoken about earlier in the blog, buggy boards can cause damage to your stroller's frame.

Impact on the Stroller Brakes

The added weight may cause the brakes on your stroller to not work as well as they can. This can lead to the brakes becoming damaged and not working when needed.


Types of Buggy Boards Available

There are a few different types of buggy boards available for you and your child to choose from, depending on what your preferences are,


Seated Buggy Board

A seated buggy board can be a more comfortable option for your toddler, as they will be able to take a seat when their legs get tired.

Most seated buggy boards also come with removable seats so they can become stand-up buggy boards for shorter journeys - and also easier to store away when not in use.


Stand up Buggy Board

Stand-up buggy boards are a good option for shorter journeys, or older children who are able to stand up for longer periods of time.

They are also lighter than seated buggy boards, meaning they are less likely to exceed the weight limit of the pram, but your child may lose their balance if there are changes to the path, or if the stroller moves too quickly.


How to Prevent Damage

Don't let the potential damages a buggy board can cause to your stroller put you off getting one, as there are ways to prevent causing damage.

You should make sure that your buggy board is compatible with your stroller. Although most buggy boards are universal, it is always a good idea to check beforehand.

Make sure that your buggy board doesn't exceed the weight limit by considering:

  • Your two children's weights
  • The weights of the items you may place in the under-seat basket
  • The weight of the buggy board

Regularly check your stroller for any damage that could have been caused by the buggy board, it's best to catch problems early before they become a safety hazard.


Buggy Boards at The Lejoux Stroller

Here at The Lejoux Stroller, we have a variety of buggy boards to choose from depending on your personal preferences.

Our buggy board has a seat and a belt so that you can strap your child in when they are tired and continue with your journey.

With a non-slip pedal that will provide your child with a stable and secure platform, you won't have to worry about taking your buggy board out on a rainy day!

Our buggy boards will also clip onto any of our Lejoux prams, they also fit a wide range of other pram models.

We prioritise convenience and comfort here at Lejoux, why not browse our website today for all your pram and pram accessory needs?

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