What Are the Benefits of Having a Stroller With a Travel Bag?

What Are the Benefits of Having a Stroller With a Travel Bag?

A stroller is the perfect travel companion for your little one and your family. They can be taken anywhere and on any form of transport with ease as you will come to realise. But have you got a travel bag for your stroller? A travel bag can enhance your stroller experience even more.

When travelling with a little one or baby in tow, it can be a daunting and sometimes stressful experience. Being prepared before you travel and having everything you need to make your journey more seamless than before will make your journey a lot more enjoyable and limit any anxieties you may be facing.

Learn more about travel bags in this blog post today, as our stroller and travel bags from Lejoux Stroller can help add some convenience to your travels as well as keep your little one happy and content at all times.


Introduction to Strollers

Strollers are beneficial travel devices for your little one. A stroller is lightweight, compact and is perfect for babies between the ages of 6 months up to around 4 years old, depending on the child and how far they can walk by themselves.

A stroller is a great travel system as they are intended for travelling with ease and unlike other devices, can be folded down and away for easy storage capabilities as well as carrying options.


Travel Bags for Strollers

There are lots of different travel bags that are available for strollers. The idea is to keep your stroller safe, compact and secure from damage and dirt whilst on your travels. They are particularly useful when travelling by aeroplane or train for example when you will have to store them in the overhead storage compartments or even check-in your stroller as cabin luggage when boarding a plane.


Benefits of Having a Stroller Travel Bag

Travelling is not as easy as it used to be when you have a small child or baby. You have to think about the needs of your little one, before your own and before getting yourself organised you have to tend to them.

A daunting situation can be made easier though, a compact stroller fit for travel alongside the right travel bag can make your experience more seamless than before.

Read more about the benefits of having a stroller with a travel bag and what that means for your family when travelling.


Easy to Carry

A travel bag makes carrying your stroller when not in use a whole lot easier. It gives your stroller a comfortable handle and way of carrying it without being too awkward to lift and move with and without needing two hands to hold it. This means you will have another hand free to carry other luggage or hold your little one's hand.

A stroller bag is just a more convenient way of holding your stroller and having one less thing to think about when you are off on your adventures as a family.



Depending on the type of bag that you get, you could give yourself two spare hands if you get a bag that is designed to carry your stroller on your back. This would be especially good if you are worried about the amount of luggage you have to carry or hands you need free to sort your little on our or get your tickets and passports ready.


Compact and Saves Space

A stroller is already a convenient travel option for your toddler, the foldability of a stroller already means it is compact and easily manoeuvrable. A travel bag saves space even more and ensures your stroller is one neat package, ready to be stored or handled by baggage handlers in an airport.

You will even be able to bring your stroller in its travel bag as carry-on luggage with some airlines as it will be small and compact enough to be able to store in the overhead lockers on your flight - without taking up lots of space.



With your stroller neatly away in a travel bag you will not have to worry about it, as it will be ready to take on board with you. It will allow you to navigate your way through an airport, train station and busy crowds of people. This will limit any stress or hassle you could face without an easy transportation bag.


Extra Protection

When you are travelling with your stroller you want to make sure that your stroller is protected at all times. Even if you have a sturdy and durable model like the one from Lejoux, you still want to take preventative measures to make sure that your stroller does not get damaged or marked in any way.

A travel bag protects your stroller. This is especially useful if you have to check your stroller in as cabin luggage as you don’t know what your stroller could get caught on when it goes through various baggage carousels or is being thrown around by baggage handlers. Having a travel bag ensures that your stroller is protected.


The Lejoux Stroller’s Travel Bags

If you need to pick a stroller bag for your travels, check out the top picks available from us at The Lejoux Stroller. We have a variety of bags with various purposes and benefits that can be added to your Lejoux travel stroller. Find some of our favourites down below.


Carry Bag

Firstly, we have our extremely handy Carry Bag. This bag has a handle for holding and also shoulder straps to be able to carry it on your back if you wish.

The lightweight nature of your Lejoux travel stroller means that it is light enough to carry on your back in this way, giving you the ability to have both hands free to get your passports ready and carry other luggage, or your baby more easily. Navigate your way through the crowds with this carry bag for your stroller.


Cover Bag

We have the Lejoux Cover Bag perfect for protecting your stroller from dirt and damage. This cover bag keeps the wheels of your stroller exposed so you can wheel it along in any airport, train or bus station like it is a suitcase, making for easy travelling every time.

As your Lejoux stroller folds down so compactly is it the most convenient and easy size to work with and load onto any form of transport.


Hanging Stroller Bag

Need extra storage as you travel around? The Hanging Stroller Bag in our collection is perfect for throwing in all your extra necessities when you are going away.

Simply hang on the back of your stroller and grant yourself extra storage for your travels.


Buy With Confidence With The Lejoux Stroller

Do be sure to check out our amazing range of strollers that are available on our website today. The key to having the best travel bag and the best travel experience with your little one is having a compact and manageable stroller in the first place, that is perfect for travel.

We have many add-on accessories for your stroller that are available to purchase separately, so you can personalise your stroller even more to your family’s needs.

Choose from grey, black, blue, beige, red, green, blue and pink. There is a stroller to suit everyone's personal tastes at The Lejoux Stroller. If you wish to invest in quality products that are designed with children and parents in mind, are stylish and are affordable too, then look no further than The Lejoux Stroller.

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