When to Buy a Pram: Before or After Birth?

When to Buy a Pram: Before or After Birth?

Purchasing a pram is exciting, and shopping around for one can make it seem very real that your new arrival is on the way!

While pram shopping can be exciting, it can also be daunting for parents, particularly first-time parents who are new to the parenting game. If this sounds like you, then this is totally normal, and it's okay to feel this way when there are thousands of pram models on the market to choose from.

While which model to go for is a common question, another thing that might cross many parents' minds is when is the right time to purchase a pram? Should this be before or after birth? Along with whether the old superstition should be something to bear in mind.

Read this blog post as we discuss the above and give you the answers that you have been looking for.


What Is a Pram and Does My Newborn Need One?

A pram is a type of baby travel device. It is specially designed to carry newborns. These days, prams come in many different shapes and sizes, but they are the most traditional type of baby travel system.

Your newborns will absolutely need a pram when they arrive. If you plan on taking your newborn baby anywhere, they will be safe and sound in a pram. A pram is specially designed for newborn babies because of the way they are held. A pram will always have a flat surface, as this is how newborn babies should be resting most of the time.

Newborn babies are so small that laying them flat allows their tiny lungs to function properly and lets oxygen get to their lungs freely. Small new babies are also always growing at a rapid speed, so being flat allows them room for movement and allows them to develop and grow properly.

As prams are for delicate newborns, they will be soft and comfortable inside. They will also be parent-facing, so you can keep an eye on your new arrival and tend to their every need. This is one of the main differences between a pram and other travel devices for little ones, such as a stroller or pushchair, which is more appropriate for infants from around 6 months upwards.


When to Buy a Pram: Before or After Birth?

Most babies arrive between weeks 37 and 41 of pregnancy. Whether you are an organised person or are more laid-back, you do not need to rush off to buy a pram right away. You do have nine months to get things sorted and in place, so do not panic; you have plenty of time.

There will be plenty of other things to sort out and plan for, and a pram is a big purchase, so you want to make sure that you make the right choice for yourself and your family.

While you pick up other essentials and bits and bobs, you can shop around in-store and online and do some research, as you will need it. There are many makes and models out there with a vast array of features and benefits. Every family is different, so weigh up what you need and narrow your search from there.

If you want to make sure you have your pram before the baby arrives, then we recommend having it by week 35 just to be safe and avoid unnecessary stress or worry that it could cause you as you go through your nesting stages.

When ordering online, be sure to order a couple of weeks prior to week 35 to make sure it arrives in time and to factor in potential long delivery times if it has to be shipped overseas, for example. Having a few weeks left before the baby arrives gives you a chance to get used to your new pram, without having a baby to juggle at the same time. This will mean you are well-prepared, confident, and ready to go.

However, if you wish to wait until the baby arrives, perhaps because you have other things to buy first, are in the process of moving house, or are superstitious, then this is also fine if it is your choice.

Most people we do see have their prams prepared and ready, but the shops will still be open when your new arrival makes their entrance into the world, and this might be a fun activity to do as a family with a newborn baby in tow. Maybe just make sure you have a baby carrier or sling wrap to aid you when carrying your new bundle of joy through the shops.


Addressing the Superstitions

Superstitions are usually passed down from generations before us. This means that we often have no clue how or why the superstition in question came about, which is the case for the one involving prams in the house before a baby is born.

Most of us are aware of common superstitions such as not opening an umbrella indoors or walking under a ladder. When it comes to pregnancy, there are a whole load of old-fashioned superstitions where nobody knows where they came from, which makes no sense at all in the modern day.

Not having your pram in the home until after the baby is born is nothing but an old wives tale, and we can confirm that there is no scientific evidence that it has an effect on pregnancy or your baby. It is likely to be made up from a time when there was a lot more risk attached to giving birth.


Is it Ever Too Early to Buy a Pram?

It is considered too early to start pram shopping within your first trimester. The best thing to do is to wait a little while longer before you begin the pram browsing and research process.

After you hit 12 weeks, your pram shopping can commence. This is the point where you will know if all is going well, as sadly, most miscarriages happen within the first trimester.

It might be useful to remember that the more baby stuff you buy in advance, the more you will have to store until your baby arrives, so for larger purchases like a pram, this can be one of the main reasons that parents decide to wait.


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