Are Buggy Boards Worth It? Pros and Cons

Are Buggy Boards Worth It? Pros and Cons

Finding ways to make your outdoor outings easier as a parent is a must - and buggy boards are a great way to travel with two children.

Whether you want to give your toddler more freedom to explore, or you don't like the idea of a double buggy, buggy boards can be the perfect solution.

In today's blog, we will look into the pros and cons of a buggy board, who can use buggy boards and whether you should incorporate one into your travel system.


What Is a Buggy Board?

A buggy board is an attachable pram accessory designed to give your toddler a space to rest their legs whilst out and about.

If you have two children, you can have your younger one in the pram and your toddler can have the buggy board. As we all know, toddlers love to explore - and once they start walking, you struggle to get them in their pram as they want to walk.

A buggy board gives them the option to rest when their legs get tired from exploring. You can get seated buggy boards or standing ones; it depends on your personal preference.


Shall I Get a Buggy Board

You may find a buggy board useful if you have two children and don't want to travel with two prams. Or, if your toddler wants to walk but sometimes gets tired - the buggy board will give them a chance to rest their legs and recharge before continuing their adventure.

Buggy boards can be a really handy addition to your travel system, especially if you travel with more than one child on your own. Double prams can be bulky and hard to push for long periods of time, but a buggy board will eliminate this problem whilst also giving your toddler more freedom.


Pros and Cons of a Buggy Board

Let's take a look into some of the pros and cons of buggy boards:



Convenience - Buggy boards make travelling with children so much easier, especially when one is too small to walk long distances. They also are lightweight and easy to store, making them a convenient choice for busy parents.

Flexible for Your Child - Buggy boards give your toddler the option to walk or sit. Taking two prams out is inconvenient, especially if your toddler may not want to sit in it. It gives your child the freedom to explore outside the pram but also gives them somewhere to rest when they get tired.

Cost-Effective Option - If your toddler is transitioning from a pram to walking on their own, a buggy board is a more cost-effective option if you have two children, as there will be no need for a double buggy. Not only will your child be learning to walk around more on their own during travels, but you will also be saving extra money as buggy boards are a fraction of the price of a double buggy.

Versatile - Most buggy boards are universal and will fit most pram models. Whilst it is always good to check beforehand, it is likely you won't have to spend too much time shopping around trying to find one that will fit your pram perfectly.



Limited Space - Depending on your stroller handles, you may find that the buggy board gets in the way when you are walking. This can lead to an awkward walking position.

Manoeuvring - When your child is using their buggy board, you may find that it is more difficult to turn your stroller, or push your stroller up curbs, due to the added weight.

May Damage Your Pram - It's important to consider the weight limit of your pram before attaching a buggy board, as it may exceed the weight limit and damage the frame on your pram. If your pram is being weighed down by the buggy board, it can lead to the pram frame bending, the wheels of your pram wearing down or the frame collapsing.


Who Can Use a Buggy Board?

Children between the ages of 2-6 can use a buggy board providing that they weigh under 22kg. When your child can stand or sit independently and can hold onto the handlebars by themselves, the buggy board is safe to use.

When your toddler reaches the age of 3, it is time to gradually start taking prams out of your daily routine as they transition to life without a pram. A buggy board is a great way for you to do this if you have another child that you will be pushing in a pram anyway.

Buggy boards are favoured amongst parents with toddlers who have learned to walk, and may not want to travel in their pram anymore - it's a great way to transition them into life without a pram.


Are Buggy Boards Safe?

In short - yes! When used and installed correctly, buggy boards are completely safe for your child. There are some safety concerns that are associated with buggy boards, such as:


Weight Limit

If your buggy board exceeds the weight limit of the pram it is attached to, it can cause problems and damage your pram frame. That is why you should always consider the weight that your pram can hold before you buy your buggy board.

Consider the weight your pram is already carrying from your child, any items you place in the under seat basket etc.


Wheel Damage

If your buggy board exceeds the weight limit of your pram then this can cause the wheels to wear down. If the pram is too heavy the wheels will be put under extra strain for the pram to move, this can lead to them wearing down and not working as well as they should, making the pram harder to push.



Depending on the type of buggy board, your child may lose their balance and slip if the pram goes up kerbs or there are changes to the path. Always opt for buggy boards with anti-slip materials.



If you regularly check your stroller and buggy board for any signs of wear and damage, then you do not have to worry about your child being unsafe on your buggy board.

Buggy boards work great when used correctly. Refer to your user manual if you have any concerns or reach out to us at The Lejoux Stroller, and we can help answer any questions you may have for your piece of mind.


Looking for a New Pram and Buggy Board?

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