Do Black Strollers Get Too Hot in the Sun?

Do Black Strollers Get Too Hot in the Sun?

Knowing whether your child is comfortable during the summer months can be a challenge for parents.

Making sure your baby isn't too hot and bothered in the sun, or at risk of burning is crucial - however, there are techniques you can implement to make sure that your child can enjoy the sun without feeling uncomfortable.

In today's blog, we will take a look into some ways you can keep your toddler comfortable during the hotter months and ways you can keep your stroller cool.


Keeping Your Toddler Safe in the Sun

Finding ways to keep your child happy in the sun will not only help them, but it will help you to relax and unwind during the summer months too.

Keeping on track with hydration, sun cream and cooling methods will keep your toddler settled and safe when being exposed to hotter months.


Reapply Factor 50 Sunscreen Every 2 Hours

Make sure you are reapplying sunscreen to your toddler at least every two hours - and if they are in and out of the water, reapply after each time.

Even if the sunscreen is waterproof, swimming around for long periods of time will cause some of the sun cream to wear away.

There is no harm in putting too much suncream on, but there is harm in not putting enough on - so make sure you are topping up the factor 50 regularly!



To avoid sunstroke or dehydration, make sure you are offering your child liquids more often than usual, fruity ice lollies are also a great way to keep your child hydrated if you find it difficult to get them to drink a lot of liquid.


Cool Cotton Clothing

Dress your toddler in breathable cotton clothing, this will keep them cool and will stop them from overheating.

Long sleeves and long cotton pants will keep your child protected from the sun - however, it is still important to apply sun cream all over the body, even when not exposed to the sun.


Bright Swimwear

If you are going abroad this summer or visiting a pool, it is important to make sure your child is wearing bright swimming costumes when in the water. This makes it easier for you and a lifeguard to be able to see your child.

When underwater, lightly coloured bathing suits can become difficult to see as they blend into the water. So, to keep your child safe this summer when swimming and having fun in the pool, opt for brightly coloured swimming suits, like neon greens, orange, blue and pink.


Being Aware of the UV Index

The UV index measures the strength of the UV rays and how damaging they can be. It is a scale that ranges from 1 to 11 - however, there have been instances where it has been higher.

You can find out the UV index on most weather apps, and it is good to plan your days with a toddler around the UV index, keeping them out of the sun and in the shade when the UV rays are high.


What Colour Strollers Should You Avoid in the Sunshine?

Although dark colours are known to absorb more heat from the sun, the absorption is likely not enough to make a difference in the temperature of the stroller, and your toddler will still be comfortable.

However, lighter colours may keep the stroller slightly cooler, but it won't be too much of an issue if you would prefer a dark stroller.

So, to answer the question “Do Black Strollers Get Too Hot in the Sun?” - the answer is no, black strollers should be fine in the summer months.


How to Keep Your Stroller Cool

Your stroller is your baby's safe space, so keeping it as comfortable as possible is a priority - especially as the weather starts to become hotter.

There are a variety of pram accessories you can add to your pram to make it as cool and comfortable as possible to keep your baby at the right temperature and avoid overheating or heat stroke. Some of the accessories you may want to consider adding include:


An Umbrella

An attachable pram umbrella will help to keep your baby in the shade and away from the risk of burning, it will also keep the sun out of their eyes.

Attachable umbrellas clip onto the side of your pram and are adjustable, meaning you can adjust them as the sun begins to move around.


An Attachable Fan

Keep your baby cool with an attachable fan. These fans wrap around the stroller bar and fan air directly onto your baby.


Mosquito Net

If you are outside all day in your stroller, it puts your baby at a higher risk of mosquito bites. These will irritate your baby as they become painful and itchy. The good news is that you can avoid this with a mosquito net!


Signs Your Child May Be Too Hot

Sometimes it's hard to tell if your child is too hot if they can't talk very well yet, if they are asleep, or if they're just keeping how uncomfortable they are to themself. Some of the indicators that it may be time to move to the shade include:


Red or Hot Skin

When the body is overheating, blood rushes to the surface of the skin in an attempt to cool down. If your baby's skin is hot to the touch or appears to be red, this could be a sign they are overheating.



Sweating is the body's natural response to being too hot as an attempt to cool down. If your child is sweating it means they are too hot. Pay extra attention during naps, and check in the creases of their arms and legs for sweat.



If your baby is crying and is irritated, it may not be because they are hungry, or need their nappy changing... It could be that they are too hot and uncomfortable. So, move them to a place where it is cooler so that they can cool down.



Being more sleepy or unalert than usual is an indicator that your child may be overheating. Pay attention to their energy levels or alertness.


What To Do If Your Child Overheats

If you suspect that your child may be overheating, you should take them to someplace cooler. Remove any unnecessary items of clothing, such as socks or jackets.

Encourage them to drink cool fluids that contain sugar like an age-appropriate sports drink, and place wet cloths on their skin to help them cool down.

If your child feels unwell or is too ill or drowsy to drink fluids, then you should consider medical attention if their condition remains the same after an hour (or worsens). Make sure your child is as comfortable as possible and communicate with them.


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