Best Holiday Stroller for the Summer

Best Holiday Stroller for the Summer

Wherever you are off to on your family holidays, having the right travel stroller can make a big impact on your overall travel experience as well as on the holiday itself. This might sound a bit much, but it is true, as many parents have reported.

Having a baby or toddler means you will have your hands full a lot of the time. This means you do not need a fiddly stroller that is difficult to manage, control, and operate, weighing you down on your family holiday.

Make your airport visits a breeze with a stroller small enough to store in the overhead compartments on your aeroplane, and pick a lightweight pushchair that makes loading onto any train or bus an absolute breeze.

Investing in the right stroller for the summer and your holidays can make a world of difference, so make sure to read this blog to learn all about what makes the best holiday stroller for this summer.



How Are You Travelling?

The ideal stroller for your family holiday will depend on where you are travelling and what you are doing. If you intend on travelling by car and are staying in your own country, then you may be less limited in which model you choose or have; as long as your pushchair or stroller fits comfortably in your car, then you should be good to go.

If you are taking public transport, then you will need to think a little bit more about the type of stroller you have, so choosing one that is lightweight and easily manageable by one person would be the best option for your family and little one.

You need to be able to lift it and stow your stroller away when taking any kind of public transport. Whether that be a bus, train, tram, or plane, a foldable stroller is the best type to go for in these instances. Simply stow away your stroller neatly and out of the way in a matter of seconds for a stress-free trip every time.

Some people forget about their hotel rooms when they reach their travel destination. A stroller that can be folded to a compact size is ideal for not taking up much room in your hotel room, especially when there is not much floor space available. This is great when you also need to store your family’s suitcases and other luggage items.


What Makes the Best Holiday Stroller for the Summer

Whether you are setting off abroad, opting for a staycation, or perhaps you are just looking for a convenient stroller to get your family through the summer, take into consideration these factors for what you should consider down below.


Compact Fold

If you wish to take your stroller anywhere with you, then you should own a stroller that folds. The smaller your stroller folds, the better and more convenient it will be for you.

A folding mechanism that only requires one hand will also be a great option for you when you have your hands full with a little one.

A small device also requires not much room to store, which is ideal when you are at home or on the move. You will not have to worry about a big, bulky stroller getting in the way at any point, as you can fold it and store it out of the way whenever you need to.

If you plan to travel by any form of transport this summer, a small, foldable device will have you covered. Pack into any car boot, even the smallest ones, as well as onto any plane, bus, or train. The most compact travel stroller models are small enough to take on board an aeroplane with you and fit in the overhead locker compartment, making your life easy as you travel across any airport with your little one.



A stroller with enough storage to see you through the summer is ideal for you. Stash any of your essentials or your shopping away for a hands-free life, all summer long. A stroller with a large undercarriage will be great for storing many things.

Need some additional storage, including storage that is more secure with different compartments in it? Then why not make sure you can purchase additional storage bags for your stroller? Bags like a hanging stroller bag will be perfect for keeping yourself hands-free while also keeping your more personal belongings in safe zipped-up compartments.

An extra stroller bag is good to have to store your essentials within arm's reach. We are talking wipes, toys, or snacks for your little one, so you do not have to go rummaging around in the under-stroller storage compartment for the things you need to grab quickly.



What makes the perfect stroller for summer is a lightweight model. A lightweight stroller is easy to manage, push around, and lift.

Carry up and down stairs, wheel around with ease, and load into a car or any form of transport easily, all thanks to a lightweight model.

Invest in a carry bag and you will even have shoulder straps for when your stroller is folded down and you need to carry it.



A seat recline can help when your little one needs a snooze, it can help them be more comfortable in a better seat position to sleep well. This can prevent overtiredness when travelling and save you from any tears.

If you have a newborn, make sure that you have a fully reclinable travel buggy that can lie flat for your newborn.



Opt for a stroller that has many accessories to add on to personalise your holiday experience even further. We are talking rain covers, extra storage, additional sun canopies, and even things for you, such as cover bags with carry straps and cup holders, so you have somewhere to put your coffee or soft drink when on the move.



Having the right wheels on your stroller can help you during the summer. The summer is when you are likely to do a lot more exploring than your day-to-day life as a family. This is why it is important to have a stroller with the appropriate wheels.

The suspension built into your stroller's wheel is ideal for tackling any kind of ground or terrain. Make sure at least the front wheels have this, so they can take the impact. This is perfect when exploring in the summer; whether you are at home or abroad, do not worry about the type of terrain you will have to face.

Take your little one in their stroller over cobblestone, grass, or sand with the help of dual-suspension wheels.


Lejoux Travel Stroller

There are plenty of strollers on the market today, but none quite like Lejoux. The Lejoux Stroller creates dedicated travel strollers that are perfect for any occasion, including the summer months.

Lejoux designs strollers with parents and little ones in mind. Lejoux strollers feature a lightweight design, one-hand folding into a compact size, strong and durable construction, dual-suspension wheels, and easy control. This makes a Lejoux Travel Stroller a very good option to go for and this option is also extremely safe, featuring a five-point harness to keep your baby securely seated.

The Lejoux Travel Stroller also comes in seven attractive colours to choose from, depending on what colour preference you have or what your little one will enjoy the most. Choose from colours including grey, black, beige, green, blue, red, or pink.

You have to consider the Lejoux Travel Stroller as your go-to stroller model for the summer if you haven’t already. We are certain that you will not find another stroller that has all of the benefits that our travel strollers do at a more competitive price tag than ours.

We like to keep the quality high and the prices low at Lejoux. We believe that luxury and practical products should not have to come at a cost to parents and that high-quality strollers should be accessible to all. This is something that we are extremely proud to offer to our customers, and we will continue to do so.

If you need to ask any questions about your perfect holiday stroller for summer or to learn more about any of our products here at Lejoux, then do get in touch with us. A member of the Lejoux team will be happy to help you and answer your questions.

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