Our Guide to Travel System Strollers

Our Guide to Travel System Strollers

The world of travel systems and travel strollers can all be very confusing without the right guidance.

As new parents, there will be many people around you that may want to give you their advice as to what you should do and what you should buy. However, their experience of parenting and their needs as parents may be different to yours, and this will reflect in your decision-making when choosing the right stroller travel system for you.

Continue reading this blog post if you wish to learn more about our guide to travel system strollers and what they can do for you.


What Is a Travel System?

A travel system is a type of transportation system for babies and newborns. They are a system that is designed as several devices in one.

They are good for new parents that are looking for one purchase for multiple uses. A travel system, therefore, can convert into a car seat, carrycot, or pushchair all in one device. These devices are perfect for on the move and especially when you don’t want to disturb your ickle bubba, having to unclip them from their car seat to carry on with your day.

A travel system is also good for saving time and effort when you are in and out of the car all the time.


What Is a Stroller?

A stroller is a type of pushchair that is suitable for babies 6 months old to around 3 or 4. Strollers are extremely travel friendly because they are lightweight and foldable to a compact size. They make for the perfect travel companion when out and about on your adventures as a family and when travelling via any transport.

Once your little one has grown past the 6-month-old stage it will be time to upgrade from your pram to a stroller for your little one's sake. They will not need to be laid flat anymore and they will be more than curious about taking in the world around them.

A stroller is also great for when your baby or toddler can walk a little by themselves, but can still get tired easily and so a stroller is a must for them to take a little nap and relax in their stroller.


Travel Strollers

Travel strollers are extremely lightweight as well as fully foldable too. This makes transporting your stroller from place to place or when loading into a car or onto a train, bus or plane extremely easy, making for a seamless travel experience every time.

One of a stroller’s main benefits is the fact they are so travel friendly. Unlike other devices, strollers are particularly lightweight, making them easy to carry when not in use and fantastic for packing away in your home or into any form of transport.

If you want a travel companion for your little one then a travel stroller is the way forward.


Things to Consider When Buying Your Travel Stroller

When choosing any kind of travel device or model for your little one, whether they are here or on the way, it can be overwhelming and daunting for parents. With so many makes and models on the market it is hard to know just which stroller to choose.

Below there are some things to consider for you and your family when it comes to choosing your next travel system for your baby, so read on to learn more.


Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is very important when you come to pick the right stroller travel system for you. If you have an active lifestyle for example, and you are always dashing around and visiting many people and places, you will want to tailor your choice accordingly.

Think about your travelling, choosing a stroller that is lightweight and compact and easy to pack away into the boot of a car and just as quick to reassemble, will be important to you. You will not want something too bulky or heavy in these instances too.

Some all-in-one systems might be convenient but they can be bulky with all the extra parts to store and cart around they can sometimes be particularly heavy too.

This may not be a problem for you if you don't intend on going to lots of places and need your device to be super lightweight and compact. The decision on this will be based on what you are like as a family.

Taking recommendations from friends or family is great but if they do not live a similar lifestyle to you then their recommendation may be useless!


Size of Your Car

You cannot purchase a new stroller system without factoring in the space available to you in your car. How big is your boot? Then how big is the stroller you are looking at?

Not every model will be compact like others, some may fold away to a size that is still too big for your car boot, remember you will have a small baby in the car too and what about when you come to do the weekly food shop?

Luckily there are strollers out there such as the Lejoux Foldable Travel Stroller that are designed to fit into even the smallest of car boots. This is extremely helpful for parents, as a new baby or stroller should have to mean you change your car.



Another thing to consider when selecting your stroller device is the price and your budget. With so many to choose from, the prices of course will vary. Travel systems tend to be on the pricier side as they have so many different attachments that come with them.

This can be a big expense for parents when they may not end up using some of the attachments as much as they first expect them to.

Budget-friendly options are available for you if you are startled by some of the prices of some models out there. Do not say you will find the right stroller model for you and price does not always equal a better stroller.



With a travel system, there tend to be a lot of accessories that already come with your travel device. This is all good if you are going to make use of all of the accessories included in the price. If not, you may want to think about purchasing a model when you can buy the additional accessories as add-ons, only buying what you need.

Strollers tend to have excellent Stroller Accessories that you can pick and choose from, depending on your needs.

Choose from an array of accessories to personalise your travel stroller, picking from bags, cup holders, rain covers, bag clips, the list goes on. Think about the type of accessories you will need to purchase and whether or not they are available/compatible with the model of stroller you are opting for.


The Lejoux Stroller

At The Lejoux Stroller, we produce stylish, high-quality, travel-friendly, affordable strollers. We are proud of what we have achieved at Lejoux as we believe a top, travel-friendly stroller should not have to come at an extortion price for parents.

If you are looking for the next upgrade from your baby’s pram or travel system or would like to shop around to see what types of strollers are out there, we urge you to browse our website for our complete collection of travel strollers.

Our travel stroller comes in seven unique colours, for something to suit everybody and so you can stand out. We pair the design with an aircraft-grade aluminium frame and leather accent detailing throughout for a luxurious and designer feel.

Most importantly our travel stroller is completely compact and easy to carry, fold away and reassemble - all in a matter of seconds. Give yourself the gift of convenience with a travel stroller from Lejoux.

If you have any questions for us at The Lejoux Stroller, we will be more than happy to answer them, all you have to do is get in touch. Call us today on 0113 466 0041 or drop us an email at cs@thelejouxstroller.com, a member of our team will be happy to help you.

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