The Top Accessories for a Stroller

The Top Accessories for a Stroller

A stroller is a useful travel model for your little one. It holds many benefits and can help you cart your infant around like a breeze.

To make the most out of your stroller, there are many stroller accessories available out there that can enhance your stroller and your experience with it. Read this blog post to find out more about the amazing stroller accessories that you can buy.


Your Stroller

Your stroller is a fabulous piece of kit. It is the ideal companion for your family when travelling with your little one. Design for young babies as little as 6 months up until toddler age, so around 3 up to 4 years old, depending on the child and their individual development.

A stroller is compact, and lightweight and is a top upgrade from your pram and is there to last you several years whilst travelling wherever you wish to go with ease.

The Top Accessories for Pushchairs and Strollers

Your stroller can be accessorised according to your preferences and your needs as a family. Check out our top accessories for your stroller down below.


Bottle Holder

When your hands are tied by pushing your little one in their stroller a bottle holder is the perfect accompaniment for your travels. Hold your water bottle or treat yourself to a coffee when you are out and about and don’t worry about where to put it.

A bottle holder offers hands-free convenience at all times, a simple yet effective addition to your stroller. You will also help to prevent any spillages whilst you are strolling, an added safety feature when hot drinks are around.


Rain Cover

For those unexpected rain showers that can happen at any moment. It is wise to carry with you a rain cover for your stroller when you are out on your travels.

A rain cover will protect your baby and means you won’t get caught up in the rain and stopped in your tracks. Easily cover and attach your cover and away you go through any weather, come rain or shine.



Sometimes the retractable canopy is just not enough when it comes to sun protection. On sunny days, it is important to keep your little one out of the sun and protected from the sun's harmful rays on their delicate skin and sensitive eyes.

A UV-protected umbrella is the perfect addition to your stroller. It is flexible so can be altered to the right position to ensure shade from the sun.


Bag Clips

If you are a heavy shopper or often have other bags with you, then bag clips will be your best friend when it comes to stroller accessories.

Bag clips are the most convenient way of clipping on any type of bag you may have with you, whether that be extra luggage, a handbag, groceries, or retail shopping bags. Whatever it is, bag clips provide an easy solution to extra storage and extra hands in a really simple and cost-effective way.


Foot Muff

A foot muff acts like a sleeping bag for your infant. They are great for very cold weather for ensuring a cosy and snug ride for your baby in their stroller.

This extra installation provides a warm and comfortable space for your little one to sit in, it is easily fitted into your stroller and just as easy to remove if no longer needed. It will also force your little one to keep their socks on and keep their toes nice and toasty in cold weather. This is ideal if they are prone to kicking their socks off.


Hanging Stroller Bag

Having a stroller hanging bag attached to the handlebars of your stroller provides easy access grab to anything that you might need on hand.

Choosing one that has several compartments for the various items that you might need, keeps things separate and allows you to find things quickly.

Store your nappies, wipes, bottles, toys and snacks with ease and tend to your little one quickly whenever they need something.


Carry Bag

One of the top benefits of strollers is their ability to be compact and take with you wherever you wish to go on your travels. This compact nature calls for your stroller to fit into a bag for even easy transportation.

A carry bag is the perfect accompaniment when you need to carry your stroller with ease. It is the ideal accessory when going on holiday, perhaps you are boarding a plane or train and you need to carry your stroller on board.

With a young child in tow, plus all of your family's luggage, travelling can be a daunting and hectic task to manage. A carry bag gives you the solution, with shoulder straps you can easily carry your stroller on your back whilst you navigate your way through busy crowds with your family.


Buggy Board

Are you at that stage where you now have two little ones? Maybe you have a curious toddler and a young baby. Well, give your toddler a fun ride too with a buggy board for them to stand on.

A buggy board will attach to your stroller and allow for another child to ride too, without the need for a double buggy. If you have a child that is old enough to walk around, yet may still get tired too, a buggy board is the perfect solution as they can choose to hop and hop off when they wish. It is also great for when you need to speed walk through busy areas or don’t have as much time for a little one to be toddling around.

A buggy board is also so much fun for a child, it is like a little ride and they can still take in the world around them as they travel about.


Stroller Hand Muff

This accessory is for you and if you get cold hands in colder weather then make sure you invest in a stroller hand muff. These are brilliant as unlike standard gloves, they stay on your stroller's handlebar, being you can tend to your little one whenever without having to take off and put back on your gloves!

A stroller hand muff is perfect for parents who will always have their hands full, and get instant access to their baby, phone or coffee whenever you need to.


Shop With The Lejoux Stroller

Shop with The Lejoux Stroller for all of your stroller accessories, we have everything that you need to make your stroller better for you and your little one.

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