How to Upgrade Your Baby's Transport System

How to Upgrade Your Baby's Transport System

When it comes to transporting your baby, ensuring comfort, safety, and convenience is key. From daily walks in the park to running errands, having the right equipment can make all the difference.

Finding the best transport system that suits your needs and lifestyle can sometimes be challenging. However, we’re here to help. If you’re looking to upgrade your baby’s transport system, this blog is for you.

Read on to learn more about baby transport systems, what to consider when upgrading your baby’s transport system, and some of the key reasons why you should improve your transport system.


Main Way to Transport Baby

There are many ways for you to transport your baby, each having a unique purpose, some of these include:

  • Prams
  • Strollers
  • Carriers
  • Portable Cots
  • Car Seats

Choosing a way to transport your baby is up to you and your lifestyle, everyone is different, whether you travel around a lot with your baby or just need something for day-to-day errands there are always different options available for you and your personal preferences.


What Is A Travel System?

A travel system is a type of baby transport that usually includes a stroller or pram and a compatible infant car seat. It's designed to let you move your baby from the car to the stroller without waking them up.

You can attach the car seat to the stroller frame, making it easy to switch between modes of transport. This setup is super convenient for parents, especially when you're out and about running errands or travelling with your baby.

Travel systems often come with handy extras like adjustable handles, storage baskets, and compatibility with other accessories, making them great choices for families on the move.

Not only are travel systems a lot more cost-efficient they are also incredibly flexible - you will have the flexibility to use the stroller and car seat separately or together, depending on your needs and the situation.

Travel systems offer a practical and efficient way to transport babies, making them a popular choice for many other parents seeking convenience and peace of mind while on the go.


Key Factors to Consider When Upgrading Your Baby’s Travel System

When upgrading your baby's transport system, several key factors should influence your decision:



Ensuring that the stroller or pram you choose meets your safety standards. Look for features such as five-point safety harnesses, sturdy frames, reliable and easily accessible braking systems and high-quality wheels.



A comfortable travel system is essential for your baby. Keeping your baby comfortable whilst travelling around day-to-day safely. Look for travel systems that include an adjustable back and footrest, memory foam and vented seat to maximise your baby's comfort during travelling.



While adapting to the life of parenthood or an additional baby convenience is high on the list of priorities.

Ensuring your travel system includes the highest level of convenience possible you may want to look for things like, a lightweight and compact frame that can quickly be put down or up, a large storage capacity for essentials like toys, diapers and bottles and a cup/bottle holder.


Travelling in Winter or Cold Conditions

Here at the Lejoux Stroller, we have a fantastic winter cover that will keep your baby warm and comfortable while travelling during the winter months. Our Winter Cover is designed to shield your child against, cold winds, snow, and rain.

It's a protective cocoon that ensures your baby stays warm and snug. The cover is windproof and waterproof therefore it restricts cold drafts and rain. The cover is easy and quick to install for ultra convenience.


Why Should I Upgrade My Baby Travel System?

You might be questioning the need to upgrade your baby's travel system, especially if your current stroller or pram works just fine. Here's why it's worth considering:


Your Current Travel System May Be Outdated

Advancements in design and technology will continuously enhance your experience, offering benefits that older models might lack. For example, innovative design elements, such as one-handed folding mechanisms, expandable storage options, and adjustable handlebars, make using the stroller or pram more convenient for parents.


New Safety Features

Upgrading allows you to access the latest safety features. Newer models often include advanced safety features like better harness systems, materials that absorb impact, and improved brakes, which sometimes older models won't include.


New Models

Furthermore, newer models often include innovative design features that improve usability and convenience. These can range from simple-to-use folding mechanisms to the ability to handle different types of terrain.

By upgrading your baby's travel system, You can make your daily routine so much easier.


Travel Strollers at The Lejoux Stroller

Whilst travelling around it is important to have a pram that will withstand this. Here at The Lejoux Stoller, we have found a way to combine style with convenience and safety. We offer a range of strollers that all include the best features for safety, comfort and convenience that were previously listed above.

Not only do our prams come with a long list of features, but they also come in an extensive range of colours. You will be sure to find a pram that suits your personality during your travels.

If you are someone who likes to travel a lot, a Lejoux Stroller is the perfect option for you, easy to pack away and lightweight to carry, and it also fits in the overhead cabin of most aeroplanes (check with the airline) so you can transport your baby from plane to airport easily and safely.

Not only are our prams affordable but we have options that will grow with your baby, offering prams that are suitable for ages 0-48 months there will be no need to update your pram after a few months.

Update your travel system today with the Lejoux Stroller and receive free 1-2 days shipping so you can have a refreshed travel system in no time.

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